greenweed's Journal

7 June
i'm portugese. and i'm not an illiterate fisherman. :)

and now for an inside joke:
"Hitler did not stay and die..he ran away. But he was later caught and imprisoned for 5 years, where he wrote Mien Khumph..the nazi bible....THE NAZI PARTY!....Hitler was no abnormal to women!"

and for all of you to know, i'm not neo nazi...i just i like the hitler propaganda movie. lol. only poli sci people get it. oh well.

for everyone to know i have represted memories of my motor skills, right katie? but dont' forget about my intense uno playing sammie and kerry..i'm intense!

"Crikey, I'm here in the middle of the Amazon Rainforrest about to be attacked by a thrity foot long andaconda snake. Blimey, i've never been so excited in me entie life!" ~ caela and i's take on the croc. hunter :)

"What are you going to do send out the dogs or send out the bees or send out the dogs with the bees in them, so when they bark they shoot bees at you?" ~the simpsons

"kerry wake up- Even Stevens!" ~hahaha....new years....:)